Jan 7, 2010

Sink Below

There are 3 types of households: those that keep the trash bin under the kitchen sink, those that keep cleaning supplies there, and then there are those that do neither and store other* things there.

I am a hybrid of all 3:

I have lived with the trash bin out in the open - with a lid, without a lid; recycling bin out in the open, or just a paper bag hidden in a closet. I've even kept cookware under the sink before (it was a tiny apartment).

In this house and this particularly small kitchen, we like to keep it clean and simple (left to right): trash, recycling, compost, dishwasher detergent, trash bags and plastic wrap/aluminum foil/freezer bags (on the cabinet door).

But you know that house voyeur in me wants to know what everyone else keeps under their sink. Trash or no trash? Recycling? Compost bucket? Cleaning supplies? Cookware? Plastic shopping bags? Doggie poop bags?

*If you are one of those who keep other things under there, I'm really intrigued...

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