Jan 4, 2010

Come Clean

Happy New Year everyone (or at least all 3 of you who read this)! Hope you all survived and enjoyed the holidays.

Some of my resolutions are to stop wasting money. Especially if it means being a little friendlier to the planet as well (watch out here comes a list!):

1. Last week, I already got a head start with window weatherstripping.

2. I'd also like to drastically cut down on paper towel and paper napkin use with these suckers:

They are microfiber cleaning cloths. There is one for windows and mirrors, furniture, general cleaning, and stainless steel (not shown, it's dirty right now since I'm actually using them! Go me!).

I've already cut down a ton by using cloth napkins:

3. Compost more. Admittedly, sometimes I get too lazy to empty out the bucket in the kitchen, to the bin outside. I will get off my lazy butt and just do this simple task.

4. And hopefully as a result of resolutions 2 and 3, I will reach resolution 4, which is to reduce waste in general.

Less paper towels and more composting = less trash. Even though less trash won't necessarily mean less expense, it is better for the environment (we pay a monthly fee for trash removal but we opt for the cheaper and smaller trash bin). Sometimes I skip a week putting the trash bins out. And we only set out the recycle bin every other week at most, only whenever it's full (see? No recycle bin this last week. Disregard that it's an overwhelming amount of trash and remember that it's a mini trash bin!). I figure this saves some energy and emissions from the trucks, at least a little right? Like half if I put them out only half the time?

And I always recycle everything possible (motor oil, used batteries, old CFL bulbs, old paint, junk mail, water bottles). My city holds e-waste collection every once in a while, and once a month holds a hazardous waste collection. And old CFL and battery drop off bins are found at Home Depot and grocery stores.

5. Either cut down on designer coffee drinks (bf if you are reading this, hint hint - this would be ideal) or at least bring along one of these:

Those disposable coffee cups are never recycled. And are used for like a second. And don't keep the beverage hot for very long. And you'll save a tiny bit of money for bringing your own mug. And best of all, no one will have to know that you are one of those people that order a triple-grande-nonfat-double shot-two pump-soy milk-decaf-caf-venti-white chocolate-mocha-frap-no whip*.

*I'm well aware this example does not make any sense and includes 2 different milks, 2 different sizes and contradictory numbers of shots, with caffeine and beverage temperature confusion. Just focus on the point that I am making.

These should be attainable resolutions. I mean I partly do them already. Maybe this is part of a bigger resolution of sticking to things? Let's not get too deep now. Anyway, if I can partly do these few resolutions already, anyone can achieve them fully in a year right?

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