Mar 7, 2009

No room for Yell-o

We erased all traces of the dingy yellow paint that covered our downstairs. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with yellow when done right, but that wasn't the case here, and it didn't go with anything we had. We have a lot of natural lighting during the day and with the yellow walls, you needed sunglasses to be in here.

The new color we originally chose was Behr's Mochachino, which is slightly darker and warmer than our Behr's Chocolate Froth upstairs. However, instead of being a warm brown like one would expect, it looked awfully greenish (see photo above). And we had 4 (unreturnable) gallons of it. It looked completely different on the walls than on the paint chip and online. Again, probably all that natural lighting overload that we have. We decided to use it on one wall as an accent wall that surrounds the sliding doors which will lead nicely into the backyard.

Instead of taking anymore chances, we bought a sample of Shark Fin, and decided that looked too blue and cold. So we finally chose and stuck with Wheat Bread. With the yellow gone for good, it's instantly more updated and calmer (feeling) downstairs. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do.

Tip: prime before attempting to paint over glossy paint. It will make the paint stick a lot better, and your job a lot easier. Especially if you want to annihilate the color underneath.

Any suggestions for the remaining 3 gallons of Mochachino? And do you think our accent wall looks intentional?

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