Mar 24, 2009

Kitchen in the Garage

Everyone says their garage is a mess, but we really mean it. Renting a dumpster for several hundred dollars doesn't sound appealing so I've taken it on as a challenge to slowly get rid of all our demolition mess through our weekly trash pick up. Easier said than done, because we have a mini trash can (it's cheaper, and prior to this kitchen project we didn't product much trash).

Ideally, the old cabinets would be in such great condition that we would repurpose them in the garage for extra storage and organization. But they didn't even have backers, you'd see the wall when you opened the cabinets. And some genius painted that white to trick you. So it's all rubbish. We even tried to burn some cabinet parts in our fire pit but it created a raging smelly smokey fire. There were no shortcuts, we had to hack it all into small pieces for the trash over the course of several weeks, maybe even months. My wrist took a beating and somehow my pinky as well. We've thought about sneaking it into neighbors' empty trash bins, and business dumpsters, and even at the dumpsters at our old apartment. I'm just so impatient, I want the non-choppable, oddly shaped, non-bendable old oven hood gone. Is that so wrong?


  1. Doh I forgot to take some of the rubbish with me, I have a big blue bin sitting here.

  2. Next time we see you we'll send you home with an oven hood :)