May 17, 2010

For the Birds

I'm headed for an east coast visit this year which rocks. The last time I was there was about 3 years ago.

That was when Karma was little (er) and we brought her with us everywhere. We stuffed her in a bag and convinced a bunch of people that she was carry on size. It was actually on the way back from this trip that we failed to convince airline folks this and were forced to buy a crate at the airport and put her in cargo.

Anyway, for most of the trip I left her at my parents house while I went off and did my thing. My parents were also bird sitting for my little cousin while he was out of the country with his parents. Karma loves critters. And that includes birds. But before you jump to conclusions, she did not eat the bird. She did however sit by the cage and stare at it. Like a frozen statue. Anyway, when I came back to pick Karma up, the bird looked like this:

This photo was taken by my parents. They put the bird (named Chocobee) in the freezer so they could figure out what to do next. Their plan was to replace him with an identical one and not tell anyone. I also forgot to mention that my "little" cousin is 18. So I lectured my parents that their plan would foil and how ridiculous it is to attempt.

Who sticks a dead bird in their freezer (actually, don't answer that one - is this behavior genetic?)? Who tries to fool an 18 year old? And did Karma stare this bird to death?

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