Jan 13, 2011

Out of the closet

What? No I'm not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that*), in fact I'm all for equal rights. But like the typical New Year's resolution, I'd like to get organized, starting with my entryways and coat closet. And I'd like to get my coats out of it. Or at least try and see how it works.

See these pics?

Inside of front door

Door to garage

To upstairs

There's a lot of blank and unutilized wall space. Space that me thinks might be used for more practical purposes (coats, keys, mail, wallets, dog leashes).

I'd like to get these or these, but they are sort of pricey for just being hooks. Here's some quick photoshop magic to help you envision it:

Or maybe I should go for something like this?

Or this?

What do you think?

*does anyone get this? Popular TV sitcom?

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