Dec 10, 2010

Set Time

Remember how Karma did this a few months ago? After spending our evenings with things like this:

And this:
We did much research and test viewing, and decided to take the plunge and get a new TV. We decided to go with the LG Infinia PK950. For us, we had no interest in 3D viewing (at least where the technology stands today). We don't want to have to wear special glasses (when the bf already wears regular glasses), and then only have 2 pairs of glasses, leaving other people watching dizzying fuzzy graphics. I will admit that the 3D technology was much better than in the movie theaters. But frankly, it made everything look too artificial for my liking.

We also decided against LED technology despite all the marketing hype. They are all LED backlit LCD technology. Sometimes you will see it listed as LED-LCD (not to be confused with OLED which is for real and only found on tiny screens like smart phones). Because it's (seems) new, it's expensive - even though it's not new technology. Picture quality is brighter than with plasma, but frankly too artificial for my liking as well. So that is why we decided to go with plasma.

So after our research, we got a new TV but there was a shipping incident which delayed technological entertainment in this household for a bit longer:

We finally got our new TV and a new console to go with it (conveniently taller than the TV attacking dog):

We still don't have cable but we got a ton more channels than we need. And the TV even has a couple of built in video games which is fun to use with our motion thingy remote. And with the wi-fi dongle that is connected to the back of the TV, we are using the heck out of the widgets like Netflix's Watch Instantly.

Thanks Karma, you secretly did us a favor :)

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