Oct 27, 2010

Hit the Fan

While I was away from home on extended travel, the bf surprised me with installing a new bathroom vent that I had ordered a while back:

We don't have a before shot of what was there, but it was a regular vent with no light. An old vent that sounded like it was on its last legs (and it was metal, which I had never seen before, I had only seen plastic ones, have you?).

Anyway, we love the new fan, it's quiet, it's modern, and it even works as a light fixture. In fact, it makes the rest of the bathroom look outdated in comparison. But there was one big problem I encountered once I got home in person:

That big obnoxious logo right in the center of the glass dome. I wrote to the manufacturer to no avail and then read on some forum where most people shared the same problem, that the logo is not actually etched into the glass.

So I took to some high tech tools:

Put in the tiniest sliver of elbow grease:

And, voila!

If you own the Hunter 90053 Saturn fan, here's your solution!

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