Jun 10, 2010

Feel your Oats

Now that it's almost summer, don't you want a steaming hot breakfast in the morning? Well I sure do! Here's how:

Slow Cooker Oatmeal

What you will need:
  • slow cooker
  • oatmeal (1 cup steel cut)
  • water or milk (4 cups)

Use steel cut oat meal, it's so much better. Those rolled old fashion ones are good for cookies but not for breakfast.

Add 1 cup of steel cut oat meal to the slower cooker. Then add 4 cups water or milk (I've tried both):

Cover and turn on low and let it do it's thing for 8 hours. I always do this before I go to bed. Nothing gets me out of bed faster than potentially cleaning out burnt oatmeal from a slow cooker.

And wake up to yummy gooey oatmeal. I've dressed mine up with maple syrup, blueberries, but my favorite is sliced strawberries and brown sugar sprinkled on top:


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